LTU Scholarship Fund

Support the LTU Scholarship Fund and Expand Possible!

Why support the General Scholarship Fund?

Lawrence Tech is committed to delivering a world class education that is as accessible as it is extraordinary. Unfortunately, so many of our students face significant challenges as they seek to finance their education. Without the generosity of alumni and friends who provide scholarships and other financial support, these students might not otherwise be able to attend or graduate from LTU.

With the help of alumni and friends, we can ensure that a world-class LTU education remains within reach for all students. 

Your gift to LTU’s Scholarship fund will Expand Possibilities by providing scholarships that ease the financial burden placed on students and allow them to focus attention on academic studies and extracurricular activities that make their LTU experience extraordinary.  

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If you would like to learn more about existing donor-funded scholarships or how you can establish a new scholarship fund, please contact the Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement Office at 248.204.2300 or at