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2020 Formula SAE Team

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2020 Formula SAE Team

Blue Devil Motorsports FSAE is Lawrence Technological University’s Formula SAE team. Each year the team takes on a challenging project to design, manufacture, test, and race a formula-style racecar. Our team consists of about 25 students of various majors all working together toward the same goal... to gain as much knowledge and experience from this project as we possibly can and of course, to go fast!

The Project 

Blue Devil Motorsports FSAE is a student-run project team that requires the help of donors to complete our project. Without contributions like yours, our team would not be able to manufacture our car, let alone improve on our design from year to year.  By supporting our team, you will be providing us with the resources to invest in new lab equipment, travel costs to multiple competitions, and the materials we need to build these amazing machines.

The Students 

Our team works together for about 9 months of the year to build the racecar. This requires thousands of hours of work at minimum to just make it though inspection for the race. Countless hours are spent after this point to optimize the car to make it to the podium. The FSAE program attracts some of the brightest and hard working engineers across all of the teams of the world. The project forces students to think outside the box, taking the theory we learn in the classroom and putting it into practice.


What’s Next for us?

Our 2020 vehicle is going to be the most technologically advanced and fastest car we have ever built. The power plant for the car will be will be a slightly modified 2018 Yamaha R6 engine cooled by a single radiator. The vehicle will feature paddle controlled pneumatic shifting for lightning fast 200 millisecond shifts. For the suspension, we are rolling out a similar but improved upon design to accommodate a 10 inch wheel. All of that will be bolted to a lightweight steel space frame with excellent stiffness. Last but certainly not least we will be implementing an improved aerodynamics package to give us the extra edge we need on the track. Our design phase is nearly wrapped up and we are now seeking the support and resources necessary to turn our designs into reality.

2019 Vehicle Specifications

  • Weight: 500 lbs
  • Horsepower: 80 hp
  • 0-60MPH Time: 4.5 seconds
  • Drivetrain: Chain drive, RWD
  • Peak Lateral Acceleration: 2.0 g


The Competition

Formula SAE is a student engineering competition that has its roots firmly planted at Lawrence Tech, where the first Michigan competition was held over 30 years ago. The competition has since grown to be a global event with two events in the United States and more in, Germany, Australia, and Canada. The largest event is held at the Michigan International Speedway every May with over 120 teams from around the world. The competition involves two types of events: dynamic and static. The dynamic events consist of four races (acceleration, skidpad, autocross, and endurance) and evaluate the actual performance of the car. The static events measure the team’s design, marketing, financial, and management abilities. By evaluating all of these aspects, Formula SAE requires the best and brightest students to construct an innovative, cutting-edge vehicle that pushes the technological limits further each year.

Choose a giving level


Level 1 - Contributor

Our base level of donation. This will allow us to purchase various hand tools to work on the vehicle. You will receive a weekly update on the vehicle and the status of the team.


Level 2 - Contributor Plus

Level 2 donations let us go a step further and allow us to purchase clips, fasteners, bearings, and engine consumables. You will receive a weekly update on the vehicle and the status of the team plus an emailed team photo for the 2020 season.


Level 3 - Supporter

Level 3 donations are very important because they will allow us to purchase stock of aluminum, steel, and titanium to be used in producing major and minor components. Level 3 donators will receive a BDM vinyl sticker as well as all benefits of previous levels.


Level 4 - Silver

Level 4 donations are the core of our support as these donations will allow us to fund pre-production test parts and fabrication of final components and systems. Level 4 contributors will have their name applied on the 2020 car as well as receive all benefits of previous tiers of donation.


Level 5 - Gold

Level 5 donations are key to the operations of the team in the lab. These will allow us to update and maintain our chassis dyno and engine dyno along with others sub systems testing equipment we use during research and development. Level 5 donators will receive personalized thank you letters from the team as well as all benefits of the lower tiers of donation.


Level 6 - Platinum

Level 6 donations keep the team planted to the ground (literally) as it will allow us to purchase composite materials for an aerodynamic package. Level 6 donors will receive a 3-D printed piston as well as a key chain made from the same material we use to build our aerodynamics! All benefits of previous donation tiers will also be given.


Level 7 - Founder

Level 7 donations keep the team running as efficiently as possible. These donations will allow us to purchase data logging equipment to optimize performance and cover travel costs to multiple competitions. You will receive weekly photos of the team working in the lab or at competition as well as a VIP invite to the unveiling of this years car on April 14th, 2020. All benefits of previous donation levels will also be given.